Montana 2005


Putting in on the Mighty Mo and watching some grazing horses on the opposite bank

Just 5 minutes into the float and Russ has this one. It's gonna be a good day!


Have boat, will travel

In early May Russ told us of his annual trip to the Missouri River near Craig, Montana and invited Darren and I to come along. (might have had something to do with the boat :)   After a couple of twists of the rubber arm I was convinced to go and off we went.

It was such a great trip and I liked Montana so much,  I would end up floating the Missouri River 3 more times last year, and then  head further south to float the famous Bitterroot and ClarkFork Rivers. 

Here are some pictures from last year:

Getting ready at the boat launch area:

















A Rainbow trout double header from the boat that we netted with the boat net at the same time.  Mine was bigger :)




Getting out to work a productive run.




A beautiful Missouri River Brown.


Me, hooking up.....

....and landing.









Missouri River Rainbow.




Getting lazy or watching for risers?



Darren casting dries to a pod of risers.



Not all boat launches were created equal, we had to slide the boat down this steep hill on the Clarkfork.


Hey whose sneaking the beer?!










A Clarkfork Rainbow.

The Bitterroot River.








Read Darren's report on our trip to Montana:


Darren pulled 6 nice Rainbows out of the log jam behind him.




















Whether it be runoff in the Rocky Mountains or simply a quest for  something different, Montana will hold a lifetime of opportunity that just begs to be explored year after year.