Golden Trout @ Rainy Ridge & Barnaby Ridge Lakes - July 2009

 Our 3rd annual Golden Trout trip.

Tim and I decided that this year we would hike into both Rainy Ridge lake and Barnaby Ridge lakes to do our Golden Trout fly fishing for the year.

We decided that since Tim hadn't been to Rainy Ridge lake yet that we would do that hike first just in case.  Plus, water levels in area rivers had been high the last few days so we wanted to check the river we needed to cross to get to the trailhead and see if it was passable.  If not we would modify our 3 day plan accordingly.

We lucked out and had 3 days of beautiful sunny weather.

Day 1 - Rainy Ridge Lake

barnaby lake, golden trout, rainy ridge lake, golden trout,

barnaby lake, rainy lake, rainy ridge lake, barnaby ridge, golden trout

















After a 5:00am breakfast we were on our way down the road to the trailhead.

Once we reached the trailhead and started up the mountain we were thoroughly soaked within minutes. It had rained the night before and the bushes we were walking through were still wet.  It really put a damper on things.  Literally!.

But once we made it to the top of the mountain we were in much better spirits and ready to catch some Golden Trout.





I didn't have a watch last year when I was fly fishing up at Rainy Ridge lake so I brought my Blackberry.   Unfortunately, I must have dropped it at some point while at the lake.  When I got back to the lake this year there it was on the ground.

I didn't bring my replacement Blackberry this year and bought a watch.











Tim & his first ever Rainy Ridge Golden Trout.



























My first Golden Trout of the year.































Celebrating after the hike and a successful day 1.













Thankfully the water level in the river had dropped.  The trail was better as well this year.  The craters in the road weren't as deep.













Day 2 the plan was to take it easy for the next day.  Today would only be 4 km of hiking to do a bit of Cutthroat fishing. 

Tim's Rainbow trout caught on a big dry fly was an added bonus.



Day 3 - Barnaby Ridge
Day 2 - Cutthroat Fishing


















































Not much to say about yet another beautiful sunny day except it was simply another great 3 hours of Golden Trout fly fishing. 
































































Another great trip.  For next year we decided to make it a little more interesting.  Until then......