British Columbia

Salmon Fishing 

October 2007 

Finally!  After several years of wanting to fly fish for Pacific Salmon, I finally did it.  The predominant Salmon species for my first trip were Chum.  These awesome fish are pound for pound some of the best fighters I have had the pleasure of targeting with  a light weight fly rod.

Gok and I spent 2 days river fishing with 8 wt rods which made for some sore muscles after many long battles.  Even though we landed enough to make us happy, at least 3 times as many fish won the fight.  In the two days of fly fishing I don't think I've ever been run into my fly line backing so many times or had so many bent out hooks.  

The first time fighting a Salmon for 20 minutes only to lose it was disappointing.  However, 5 minutes later to have it happen again was awesome! 














Two large bucks.  The fish that is :)




Gok on the left with a nice female and me with a male.














































































Big thanks to STS Guiding owner Vic Carrao and guide Jerry Dewar.